Axion Capital Partner LLC. Is a financial management company that manages private placement investments in, energy, technology, and biotechnology sectors.

We also manage the Axion Fund, LP, a Global Macro Hedge Fund that seeks to deliver superior returns over the mid to long term through opportunistic investment strategies concentrated in emerging markets, energy, commodities and technology spaces.

Accredited investors may register to review our Fund's performance.

Alternative investment strategies have the potential to deliver superior returns, a low correlation to the broader market, and increased diversification as part of a total investment portfolio strategy.

Alternative investments such as hedge funds may include unique risks, which may not be limited to, reduced liquidity and higher volatility than traditional investments, and these investments are not suitable for all types of investors.

The Axion Fund, LP is available only to accredited individuals and entities as defined by federal securities laws in Rule 501 of Regulation D. if you are an investor and wish to learn more about specific investment opportunities, and also review historical performance data and our most recent monthly report, please go to the log on page