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Each month, Axion Opportunity Fund updates our investors on the Fund's progress.
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Axion Opportunity Fund, LP is a Global Macro Fund that seeks out trend opportunities in developed and third world markets. The fund is a long bias but we will short sectors and individual companies to reduce risk and enhance returns. Our top down macro-economic approach allows us to identify sectors of interest for both long and short opportunities. This approach enables us to profit in both economic booms and downturns.

Axion Opportunity Fund, LP has emphasized mining companies, energy, technology, rare metals and commodities as a growth opportunity for our investors. These are also areas the fund’s manager has over 30 years of hands on experience. This includes the founding and running of three metal and energy related companies. To date, 60% of the fund has been invested, worldwide, in these sectors.

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Since the funds creation in 2001, it has seen a full ten year record, with a Compound Annual Return of 19.93% and Total Return of 454% since inception. We have been awarded by Barclay Hedge number one performance rating for 3 year, 5 year, and since inception in 2001. (Data as of 4.1.2011)

Alternative investment strategies have the potential to deliver superior returns, a low correlation to the broader market, and increased diversification as part of a total investment portfolio strategy.

Alternative investments such as hedge funds may include unique risks, which may not limited to, reduced liquidity and higher volatility than traditional investments. these investments are not suitable for all types of investors.

The Axion Opportunity Fund, LP is available only to accredited individuals and entities as defined by federal securities laws in Rule 501 of Regulation D. (as described on the Accredited Investor Registration Page and below). Accredited individuals (and entities) who wish to learn more about Axion Opportunity Fund,LP. and review historical performance data and our most recent monthly report, can download the data PDF files provided on the right of the page.