The Structure

Axion Fund, LP. is available for United States accredited taxable investors.

Minimum Investment

Management Fee
2% per annum, quarterly and in advance

Incentive Allocation
20% of the net realized and unrealized profit, subject to a high water mark on prior years’ loss, if any. *

High Water Provision
The General Partner's receipt of the incentive allocation is subject to a high water mark, where incentive allocations are not allocated to the General Partner until the performance of the Fund makes up for losses, if any, from all proceeding years.

After a 24-month lockup period, funds may be withdrawn at the end of a calendar quarter (with 60 days’ notice) on the public portion of the portfolio. No withdrawal on the private placement portion of the fund, until a liquidity event occurs.

Prime Broker / Custodian
Interactive Broker LLC

Richey May and Company

Legal Counsel to the General Partner
Capital Fund Law Group

Risk Management
Axion Fund LP., is a Global Macro Find, and at times, may concentrate investments in a particular sector or country.

The following guidelines will generally be used to attempt to control the risk and volatility of the portfolio and to preserve returns during adverse market conditions (the comments below will apply only to the publicly traded portion of the portfolio):

  • Not more than 25% of the Fund's assets will usually be invested in a single issuer, nor more than 10% usually be sold short in a single issuer (each measured at the time of investment).
  • Gross long exposure will typically not exceed 125% of equity and gross short exposure, at market and will usually not exceed 65% of equity.
  • Net portfolio exposure (long exposure less short exposure) will generally range between -50% and +80% of publicly traded equity. For the Fund's private investments (those not traded on the public markets) the following guidelines will generally apply:
  • The Fund will not invest in a private equity position if (to the extent) doing so would cause its aggregate investments in non-marketable securities to exceed 25% of the Fund's assets (measured at the time of investment).
  • Single investments will not exceed 15% of the Fund's assets.

These guidelines are general in nature. The General Partner may take action outside these parameters in particular circumstances and may change them if, in light of its assessment of current market conditions and opportunities, doing so would be in the best interest of the Fund.